Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

The provisions mentioned below determine the terms and conditions regulating the use of services provided by the website referred to as “WinBaji”, “we”, “our” or “us”. These conditions apply when you use any resources, access any provisions, and participate in any services provided on the website https://winbaji.com/

For these Terms and Conditions:

- "Betting" or "bet(s)" refers to a pact that is risk-centric entered into by the customer and bookmaker for winnings. - "Device(s)" refers to any gadget or tool that is opted to access the website or the app like laptops, PCs, phones, tablets, and other devices. - "Software" installed on your device is an operating system that facilitates the use of services of the website.

You accept the following conditions when you click on the checkbox next to the Terms and Conditions statement-

  • You have carefully read, understood, and agreed to abide by these Terms and Conditions.
  • This establishes a legal agreement between you and WinBaji concerning the utilization of services offered by the website.

3. Deposits and Withdrawals

  • There are different ways of withdrawing and depositing funds which can be found under the ‘payments’ section.
  • The withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours.
  • You are accountable for providing legal and legitimate deposits.
  • The right to hold, nullify, or cancel any deposits or withdrawals is reserved by us.
  • The right to alternate the payout odds for a game is reserved by us.
  • No wagers can be canceled or refunded.

4. Modification

The right to update, modify, or amend these Terms and Conditions is retained by us. Any such amendments made will be displayed on the website. It automatically means that you have agreed and understood the updated Terms and Conditions when you continue to use our services or access our website after any such publication. Regularly looking for such updates, modifications, or amendments is your sole responsibility. WinBaji is not obliged to notify you about updates, modifications, or amendments.

5. Intellectual property

The promotions, betting figures, audio-visuals, text formats, graphics, and any such data, materials, and information available on WinBaji’s website and devices, exclusively belong to WinBaji and/or its licensors. This information is made available to you only for your personal use.

It is strictly prohibited to make any attempt to leak the information to other external platforms or any other media in an unauthorized way. The above can be done only with prior written consent from WinBaji.

WinBaji’s information, services, and software are secured by copyright, trademarks, and various intellectual and proprietary rights. All the rights on the WinBaji website are either owned, licensed, or controlled by WinBaji and/or its licensors. You do not acquire any rights, interests, or licenses by using the WinBaji website.

6. Conditions of use

As a prerequisite for utilizing the services provided by WinBaji, you affirm and commit not to employ or access the website, services, software, and/or information for any unlawful purpose under the applicable laws or in violation of these Terms and Conditions. In addition to the representations and warranties outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

Below are the conditions you accept and agree to when you decide to use our services:

  • Capacity
  • - You act on your behalf and in your capacity, free from limited legal capacity restrictions.

  • Gambling Awareness
  • - You are not classified as a compulsive or problem gambler.

    - You acknowledge and understand the risks of losing money while using the services.

  • Legal Age
  • - You are of legal age, either 18 years or above

  • Source of Funds:
  • - You confirm that the funds deposited are not a result of criminal, illegal, or unauthorized activities.

  • Lawful Use
  • - Your guarantee that your account will not be used for any criminal or unauthorized activities that are against the laws.

  • Security and Confidentiality
  • - It is your responsibility to keep your username, account number, and password secure, confidential, and protected against external access.

    - You are solely responsible for all activities under your username, account number, and password, holding WinBaji harmless for any damages arising from third-party use.

  • Non-Interference
  • - You will refrain from interfering with the availability and operational performance of the services and website for other users.

    - Any use of the services, website, devices, software, or information that interferes with operational performance is strictly prohibited.

  • Conduct and Content
  • - You will not seek information about other users.

    - You will not post or share unlawful, harassing, abusive, threatening, defamatory, or objectionable material.

  • Fair Play and Integrity
  • - You will not use devices or methods to interfere with the normal functioning of the services, devices, software, website, or any transactions offered.

    - Conspiracy or fraud attempts with other players are strictly prohibited.

  • • Credit and Debit Card Usage
  • - You will not deposit money through unauthorized credit or debit cards or knowingly receive funds from such cards.

To ensure fair play, WinBaji reserves the right to seek confirmation from individual gaming software providers. If a breach of rules or regulations related to gaming activities occurs, WinBaji retains the right to freeze or close your account, forfeiting any funds or winnings, with or without a refund of the balance therein, and to claim compensation for any damages.

7. Software license

The software is part of the services which is owned by WinBaji. You have to agree that it solely belongs to WinBaji and that you do not have any rights to the software. You cannot in any way adapt, copy, modify, or establish the software and make it available to anyone under any circumstances.

WinBaji licenses and distributes the software to end users solely to access and utilize the services. WinBaji’s software and its user manual are protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights. You accept that you cannot exercise any rights in the software or its user documentation except for the ones mentioned under the license.

8. Disclaimer

There is no assurance or guarantee provided by WinBaji regarding how reliable, precise, comprehensive, or timely the content or services will be offered on our platform.

No guarantee is provided by us, that our platform will operate without any glitches or interruptions and we do not take responsibility for any kind of damages that may arise from the use of our platform.

9. Registration and opening your betting account

To engage in playing and betting with WinBaji and access its services, you must complete the Membership Application as specified on the website(s). You confirm that all the information provided by you which includes your name, sources of funds, email address, phone numbers, and address is complete and accurate by submitting the membership application.

Your personal information is held confidential. We will not reveal your personal information or betting information unless necessary as mandated by applicable laws, regulations, court orders, or relevant gaming/law enforcement authorities. If it is necessary according to the law, we may disclose your data to banks or financial institutions for payment settlements.

Additional information as evidence for identification and age verification, such as valid identification and debit/credit card information may be requested. If there are changes to your originally provided information, you must promptly notify us.

We retain the right to reject your Membership Application without providing reasons or notifying you. You are permitted to have only one betting account with WinBaji. If multiple accounts are discovered, we reserve the right to treat them as a single joint account, terminate any additional account(s), and/or terminate this agreement at our discretion.

10. Placement of bet and bet acceptance procedure

WinBaji operates in adherence to a set of rules and conditions for placing bets on our website and/or through our devices. The following are the conditions-

1. Acceptance of Bets

1.1 We exclusively accept bets on games promoted on the WinBaji website. All bets are subject to the specific betting rules for each event or game. All bets will be canceled if a mistake or error occurs or an incorrect participant is quoted for any event. In the event of any malfunction in the WinBaji gaming system, the company reserves the right to void any bets placed.

1.2 WinBaji reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to refuse all or part of any bet placed without providing a reason.

1.3 We only accept bets made through the internet. Any other means of placing bets like post, email, fax, or otherwise, will be canceled, irrespective of the outcome.

1.4 At any point in time, the company retains the right to suspend and/or terminate a customer's account if it comes to notice that the user has violated the Terms and Conditions or engaged in malpractices like cheating, hacking, attacking, or manipulating, the normal betting environment. Any winnings, and payouts, including account balances, will be deemed void and invalid.

2. Betting Procedures

2.1 All forms of "abnormal bets," including the use of artificial intelligence or internet "bots," will be declared void without prior notice. Any attempt or actual use of artificial intelligence by members will result in the termination of their accounts.

2.2 A bet is considered valid provided you have correctly entered your username and password and have enough funds in your account. Ensuring that your betting details are accurate is your sole responsibility. Bets cannot be canceled or changed once placed and confirmed by us.

3. Validity and Results

3.1 Bets will be considered valid and accepted by WinBaji when the transaction ID is displayed on your screen and correctly reflected in your transaction history.

3.2 Betting is not permitted after the commencement of an event or when the outcome is known. If any event is left open for betting after commencement or when the outcome is known, WinBaji reserves the right to decline or void such bets.

3.3 The result of a match or event may be determined on the day of its conclusion for betting purposes unless otherwise stated in the Betting Rules.

4. Final Decisions

4.1 WinBaji will no longer accept simultaneously placed bets on one event from you. The decision of the company regarding any bet and related transactions is final and conclusive.

11. Links to external websites

WinBaji facilitates links to external websites on its platform solely for user convenience, without guaranteeing the accuracy or ongoing maintenance of their content. The platform explicitly disclaims responsibility for the privacy practices and products or services available on these external sites.

WinBaji is not liable for any losses or damages arising from users' interaction with these links, be it in contract, negligence, or otherwise. The platform asserts no affiliation with statements, opinions, trademarks, or services featured on external websites.

WinBaji neither endorses nor approves the content on these external sites, and any such content has not been reviewed by the platform. WinBaji maintains a clear separation from the operators and owners of these external websites, denying any association with their statements or services.

12. Termination of account

In addition to the rights outlined in this agreement, WinBaji holds the authority, at its sole discretion, to nullify winnings, forfeit balances in a user's betting account, terminate the agreement, and/or suspend the provision of services, deactivate, and/or close an account. WinBaji may exercise these actions if there are reasonable grounds to believe or establish any of the following:

  1. The user maintains more than one active account.
  2. The provided name does not match the name on the credit or debit card(s), or other payment accounts, including bank accounts used for transactions with WinBaji.
  3. Participation in a WinBaji promotion with withdrawal before fulfilling the promotion requirements.
  4. Providing incorrect or misleading registration information.
  5. Failure or neglect to provide requested identification information.
  6. The user is not of legal age.
  7. Access and participation in services from a jurisdiction where it is prohibited by law.
  8. Initiating a chargeback against WinBaji or denying transactions or deposits made to the account.
  9. Deposit of funds originating from criminal or unauthorized activities.
  10. Cheating or attempting to cheat, using artificial intelligence or other systems designed to defeat the system, or colluding with other players to defraud WinBaji.
  11. Allowing someone else to use the account.
  12. Non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement.

If services are suspended, and/or an account is deactivated, reinstatement will only occur after the necessary rectification actions have been taken, and verified to WinBaji's satisfaction.

WinBaji maintains the right to close a customer's account, refund the balance without further explanation, and suspend the entire or any part of the service at its sole discretion.

13. Violation of terms and conditions

WinBaji retains the authority to address any breaches of these Terms and Conditions, with remedies including the refusal or restriction of access to services, websites, and information. The Company may terminate accounts or block access from specific internet addresses at its sole discretion. Users agree to repay WinBaji, its affiliates, employees, agents, and associates for all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, and expenses, including legal fees. This repayment extends to breaches of the agreement, violations of laws or third-party rights, and the use of services and/or the site by the user or anyone using their login details. WinBaji holds the right to take appropriate actions to safeguard its platform and interests in such instances.